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[1943RP] Character Promotion Policies

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Dec 25, 2022
In an effort to create a more fair environment for all players, we are implementing some policies to ensure all players get equal opportunity to rank up and prevail within their faction. We are also doing this to help stop some of the metagaming that occurs within the community.

Promotion Guidelines
- You may hire citizens to your faction at the first two (2) starting ranks (Grenadier/Obergrenadier, Schutze/Oberschutze - etc)
- Characters can only receive 1 rank promotions at the Enlisted/NCO grade every 24 hours.
- Characters can only receive 1 rank promotions at the Commissioned Officer grade every 48 hours.
- You MUST have at least two (2) valid reasons to give a promotion to someone. "He's good." is not enough. A good example would be "This individual assisted with trainings today and recruited 4 people into the Wehrkreis."
- Characters can only be promoted to General grade if they show merit in various ways such as activity, roleplay contribution, etc.
** Senior Administrator [UA]+ can make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis.

High Rank Restrictions
- Players are only allowed to have one character ranked Oberst+ in the server. (Standartenführer+/Oberst+/Hauptdiensleiter+)
- This was put in place to avoid one person holding numerous high ranks.
** If this policy is broken, it can lead to removal of whitelists or in extreme cases, charbans.

I really need to hire this certain individual for a leadership role as my faction is empty and the gaps simply cannot be filled. What can I do?
A: Any Senior Administrator [UA]+ may make exceptions to this policy on a case-per-case basis. Contact a Senior Administrator [UA]+ to resolve the issue.

Q: I got removed from my job/resigned in the past, can I come back at the same rank in the future?
A: Yes, if you receive approval from a Senior Administrator [UA]+ you can return at a high commission.
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