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Game-Master Kaiserrr

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Feb 20, 2023
Steam Name:Kaiserrr

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:122184408

Guilded Username/Discord: Guilded:Kaiser__Commisarr | Discord:Kaiserrr#8310

Timezone and hours that you play of the day: Weekends, and afternoons during the week vary, due to a weekly activity that varies its day

Age: 18

Do you have a working mic: Yes

Time Played (use !time in server): 13 hours, 3 minutes (as of Saturday the 25th, at 1:50PM EST)


Your characters and a short description of their job/role:
Vert Robinson: Attempting to be a criminal
Karlich Kultist: (Updated) Acting Lead of Ministry for Advanced Research and Science

Do you have previous Game-Master experience on Garry's Mod or the Nutscript gamemode? If so, explain:
Yes, I have been a gamemaster on other garrys mod servers, specifically in the 1942 category. The servers in question did not last long, however I ran events and event chains that other gamemasters aplauded me for, and enjoyed themselves, which the community enjoyed as well.

How long have you been roleplaying for?:
Years. It all goes back to unturned in 2016. I loved the roleplay aspect of the CRP gamemodes, and made many friends I still hold today. After I started to faze out of unturned, I found garrys mod, and enjoyed the Black mesa section until its started to die off. I than went to world war 1 and vietnam servers. I would eventually find myself at the gates of mafia rp, and enjoyed that for a time. Than, finally, a friend got me to join them on 1942, and the storyline continues from that point.

Describe the duties of a Game Master (150 words or more):
The duties of a Game Master is to provide enjoyment to other players, and loosen the mundane element and loop of activities the server sometimes has. They're job is to also not only focus on the military/party/state sectors, but to expand events to the civilian sector. They need to focus their work into all players, but can get help from colleuges and from players in high ranking positions. They also need to focus on not getting tunnel visioned on a single event chain, or a single event type. They need to vary where they make events and what they do with them. If they are given a plate with a similar event, they will vary what happens. Example: They are given two car crash events. In one they put a weapon supply cache, in another, its just a ton of food, with a hidden gold bar. Thats one more thing to add to what a Game master does, They hide little rewards, or interesting finds, either in plain sight, or in somewhere that can be found with not much of a trail.

Explain why you want to be a Game Master (at least 100 words):
I want to be a game master so I can follow what I have said above. I also enjoy being a Game Master. Creating events and stories is a thing I love, and enjoy executing. Being able to create Settings and locations for events gives me a thrill, Whether it be the smallest house, to the grandest casino the world has ever seen. It only takes one idea to to expand into a event for players to enjoy, and I intend to bring hundreds of idea's. I want to be a Game master to do something I love to do, And with that, I intend to make players enjoy the scenarios I create for them.

Why do you believe you are qualified to be on our team?
I believe I am qualified for the Modified Game-Master team, and this is because of what I have already stated in the previous questions. I love being a game-master, and have had experience doing it before. I understand the duty of a game-master, and I intend to bring enjoyment to the server, to give the server a better environment than it already does

Describe how you would work with other Game Masters to benefit the server environment:
Working with other Game Masters is crucial to being a good Game Master. Working with them to create ideas, Audit eachothers Ideas, Finalize Planning of ideas, and running events is the biggest points to being a Game-master. Nobody wants events thought of by a single mind, worked with by a single mind, and made by a single mind. Throwing one, or two, or three more brains into the mixture, and it creates a event all can enjoy.

Staff Recommendations (If applicable): I have no recomendations from members of staff or Game Masters
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Jan 13, 2023
This man knows how to role play and takes care for his char do I will give it a +1
Head Administrator
Head Administrator
Dec 31, 2022
accepted for interview

I wanted to wait a little to see how you played on the server and how you RPd and I noticed you doing good work. get in contact with me or @Yousless for more information.
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