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Noahmcdowell1426's Staff app

New member
Feb 22, 2023
Steam Name:Sphagettiman1019

Steam ID:76561199385830653
Guilded Username/Discord Noahmcdowell1426
Time zone and hours that you play of the day: usually around 16-18 hours American 24h time zone
Age: real age 22 IC age 23

Do you have a working mic: yes

Time Played (use! time in server):1w 2d 16h

Current Rank (VIP/User):user

Are you active on the forums and server: yes

Your characters and a short description of their job/role:| Reich Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment | Advisory staff | 0 Hanz von berlin is my name.

Do you have previous administration experience on Garry's Mod or the Nutscript gamemode? If so, explain I am an administrator on 1980's mafia_rp

Have you ever been disciplined with a warning or a ban on Modified Gaming?1 warning

Why do you believe you are qualified to be on our team? because i have the experience to know what I am doing.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the position you are applying for in your own words? [200 Words or more]: banning. PK changing peoples names. warning people giving flags. stay in noclip all the time. teleport people. help update the map when asked or told to. spawning things for people. demoting and promoting. decorating with medals. jailing people. and finaly being active on the server.
New member
Mar 4, 2023
Hmm I'm pretty sure I remember putting you in propaganda and you sounded like a 13-year-old
and it says you only have 2 days and 5 hours on the server on your steam account so I'm not sure if steam is messed up or you're lying about your time on the server
and where it says 200 words or more you only put 45 words
just some advice you might want to put your ranks in your chars
I look far into stuff
Last edited:
Jan 14, 2023
DENIED. You have put in multiple staff applications and each time you've failed to follow the template to answer the given questions. You also have not mentioned the week ban that I gave you myself, and have lied about your age on your applications.