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New member
Mar 18, 2023
Steam Name: MrStumpi3

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:90178450
Guilded Username/Discord: Discord - MrStumpi3#4927 Guilded - Wade Hartman

Timezone and hours that you play of the day: AWST - Regarding hours it can range to a couple hours to even more!

Age: 19

Time Played (use !time in server): 16h+

Have you ever been disciplined with a warning or a ban on Modified Gaming? No I have never!

List your character names and your roles: Oberst Wade Hartman - Feldgendarmerie-Oberst

Why do you need the Trusted rank?
I would like to be able to hand out promotions and to also Recruit people into the feld without having to ask for staff to help which would decrease stress on staff and would allow them to moderate things more important!
I want to be able to bring the Feld into its glory that it rightfully deserves to be and bring back the same feeling of pride I once felt being apart of the Feld back on prom. I also already have perms to spawn cars in and have access to building etc, I am also already a vip which was given by Denning

Recommendations from Staff? Denning, Melans

Give an example of proper command usage for this role (Commands can be found
/plytransfer @ Heeres
/charsetname @ Oberst Wade Hartman
/charsetmodel @ models/kriegsyntax/germans/nsdap/lowcommand/hauptarbeitsleiter/playermodel.mdl
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Head Administrator
Head Administrator
Jan 2, 2023

You have been approved for trusted, please get in contact with me.