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What needs to be fixed and added!

New member
Mar 18, 2023
Hello everyone this will just be a little list of things that need to be fixed in game and also need to be added in Wade Hartmans opinion!

1 - Drug dealers are now implemented which is great but these npc's dont work and the menu's are completely broken, would love to see the implementation of drug manufacturing like Prom but not exactly like it! Also these drugs need to give you some sort of boost as an incentive to use them like speed, increased damage etc! Also the drug dealers and the one dealer that sells pistols like the mafia looking one are stuck in T-pose which needs to be fixed.

2 - Next is the casino, all the machines are either broken or stuck halfway through the ground which isnt very immersive when you are just trying to gamble your life savings with the boys!

3 - We need more Civ things to do to actually encourage server growth and new members coming into the game because we dont want the only incentive to doing something is joining the reich since we want to have roleplay like uprisings etc!
Regarding Civ stuff the fisherman is honestly in a shit location and for people just starting its not going to be obvious where its at so instead, add a fishing guy near the ICC gate but on the other side of the river so that its easier for people to find and also add a couple others in certain areas!
Other Civ stuff I would love to see is restraunts, Mining, Repairing lights around the city so repair man, lumber jack, Movie theatre, gas station owner, clothing store for civs, Casino owner so that the casino has a more realistic atmosphere, More events of course, real estate person to help sell properties around the map and even property tax, to tie into the properties home raids for police would be nice so they can take down people making drugs etc. (To tie into the civ things etc we need to find people already in the community who would like to open a buisness but have to already have certain requirements before hand like playtime etc)

4 - Not having staff members or people with build perms being able to just steal your builds cause that shits annoying especially when I have SS wanting to steal my lynching stand and roulette table I made!

5 - More vehicles in the vehicle shop menu and the ability to change the color of your vehicle to what ever you like but with a cost!

6 - Im not sure if other people are having this problem but once you load in the menu at the start there are purple squares before the character buttons etc!

7 - We need to remove the ability to use probs to surf around with like using a book to make yourself levitate to a book like thats just game braking and I have seen other people doing it!

8 - In the city centre where the statues are there is only 2 banners for the community and the right side is empty which just pisses me off since its not even and looks ass!

9 - Of course fixing the bloody bank for god sake like I dont want to be walking around with like 6 guns on me where some cheeky little civ is just gonna restrain me and steal my shit!

10 - Crafting system that links into mining and wood cutting so that people can craft bombs etc for more roleplay events!

( I have alot more suggestions but would love to see what else the community wants so comment down below what you think
we need or just let me know if what I have said is what you want added too!!!)
Feb 28, 2023
Solid feedback - the team will be looking into this closely and working towards it as we've just finished the new map release.