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Yao "嗅探器" He Trusted Application

New member
Dec 30, 2022
Steam Name: Cobra

Steam ID:

Guilded Username/Discord:

Timezone and hours that you play of the day:
EST Time Zone, I am active most weekdays with the exception of Thursday and am very active on the weekends.


Time Played (use !time in server):
5d 15h 55m

Have you ever been disciplined with a warning or a ban on Modified Gaming?


List your character names and your roles:

Sturmmann Azov Andrich - GSP Agent in the RSHA
Yao "嗅探器" He (My main char) - Owner of a Chinese restaurant, Senior Associate with Krupp, and has many connections with prominent people and people in the resistance.

Why do you need the Trusted rank?

I don't necessarily "need it", however I constantly see people who need their rank to be changed or have their player model corrected and I see them waiting endlessly for staff. With the trusted rank I would be able to relieve the workload off of many admins by helping with the smaller issues.
Plus, it would help me significantly when going undercover/back in uniform as GSP.

Recommendations from Staff?

Give an example of proper command usage for this role (Commands can be found HERE):
John Doe's civilian player model shows up as an error for everyone and they need their player model to be fixed because it is very outdated.
/charsetmodel "John Doe" models/player/suits/male_04_open_waistcoat.mdl
Or, more commonly
I need to go undercover as GSP
/charsetmodel "Sturmmann Azov Andrich" models/brot/prometheus/sssuits/gspcoat6.mdl